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Turn your vision into a cosmetic reality

Cosmetics laboratory in the UK for tailor-made products

Carmel Cosmetics Labs in the UK, as well as in France, Europe, Morocco and the USA, helps you create customized cosmetics. Work with our specialists today to develop a thriving, innovative brand.

More than 1,000 customers in 82 countries put their trust in us!

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Your cosmetics partner of choice

Simplify your cosmetics production process with our UK laboratory. We take care of every step of the way, offering you quality custom-made products.


A global offer for your personalized cosmetics

Our UK laboratory offers a complete solution for all your cosmetic creations, tailored to the unique needs of your brand.

Produit Cosmétique Visage - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Face Products

Produit Cosmétique Capillaire - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Hair Care Products

Produit Cosmétique pour le Corps - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Body Products

Produit Cosmétique pour les Lèvres - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Lip Care

Produit Cosmétique pour Hommes - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Products for Men

Produit Cosmétique de Niche - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Niche Products

Produit Cosmétique Intime - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Intimate Products

Looking for something else?
We can help.


Launch your cosmetics brand in 4 easy steps

Initial Consultation

We'll help you define your project, validating each criterion together to guarantee the desired quality of your products.

Samples to be validated

Once the specifications have been agreed, we send you samples for evaluation before proceeding.

Development and Production

From formulation to packaging, we're with you every step of the way with your approval.

Packaging and delivery

Use our flexible delivery service to receive your cosmetics at the address of your choice.


Create a product range tailored to your sector

Our UK laboratory offers comprehensive white label and private label services, helping brands grow with natural and organic products. Whether you’re an online boutique, spa, beauty salon, pharmacy or hotel chain, we’ve got the solutions you need.


Certifications from our Cosmetics Laboratory

Certification-USDA-Organic-Carmel-Cosmetics-Labs - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
Certification ISO - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
Certification ONSSA - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
Certification ISO 9001 - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
Certification GMP - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
Certification - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc
fda compliant, Laboratoire cosmétique Maroc
Certification ECOSERT - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc


Customized cosmetics: Bring your beauty vision to life

Discover the art of personalized beauty with Carmel Cosmetics Labs in the UK, where each product tells a unique story. Our bespoke design service goes beyond simple manufacturing to fully embody your vision, whether white label, private label or bulk.

Service Marque Blanche - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Marque Blanche

Opt for elegance and flexibility with our white label service in the UK. Our laboratory develops high-quality formulations ready to be branded with your logo, offering your customers exceptional products without the complications of manufacturing.

Service - Marque Privée - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Private Label

Stand out from the crowd with exclusive products under your own brand. Our UK private label service allows us to customize every detail, from formulation to packaging, to make your vision a reality.

Service Cosmétique en Vrac - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Bulk Cosmetics

Meet high demand with our bulk production service in the UK. Our laboratory produces high-quality batches of cosmetics, ready to be packaged according to your specific needs. Take advantage of our efficiency to meet a variety of business needs.

Cosmetic Packaging White Label - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Cosmetic success

with Carmel Cosmetics Labs' 360° approach

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Increase your income

By selling products under your own brand, you can generate more revenue from your target customers, especially profitable if you have an engaged audience.

Plus de Fiabilite Carmel Cosmetics Labs, Laboratoire cosmétique Maroc

Build a sustainable project

Creating your own cosmetics brand allows you to build a long-term, sustainable and growing business, offering a stable and lucrative source of income.

Impact sur la Marque Carmel Cosmetics Labs, Laboratoire cosmétique Maroc

Be creative and authentic

Working with our UK laboratory gives you greater control over product development, enabling you to create products that reflect your brand and meet the specific needs of your audience.

Your preferred partner for cosmetics manufacturing in the UK

Carmel Cosmetics Labs in the UK is your destination of choice for customized cosmetics. From conception to realization, we’re with you every step of the way to launch the cosmetics brand of your dreams.

Global Supply Chain

Access customized cosmetics, fragrances and oils through our global supply chain.

Certified Cosmetic Laboratory & Factory

Benefit from certified cosmetic products from a cosmetic processing plant offering excellence.

Manufacturing Excellence

Increase the perceived value of your brand with personalized, reliable cosmetics that guarantee quality.

Fabricant de produit cosmétique - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc


Latest Guides & Articles

Learn everything you need to know about the World of Cosmetics here at our Carmel Cosmetics Labs Academy.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a white label?

A white label is a product or service manufactured by a cosmetics laboratory and sold under the name of another company which markets it under its own brand. It’s a way for a company to offer products to its customers without having to produce them itself.

What kind of cosmetics can you make for my brand?

Our cosmetics laboratory in France can manufacture a wide range of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, gels, serums, masks, bath and shower products, and much more. We can also create customized formulations to suit your specif