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Carmel Cosmetics Labs

Premium Cosmetics Manufacturing Services in Morocco

Thanks to our dedicated cosmetics shaping services, improve your operational efficiency, optimize your costs and your cosmetics brand commitments. Our services are designed to be simple and easy to use for cosmetics brands of all sizes.

Services Façonnage Cosmétiques

More than 1,000 customers in 82 countries put their trust in us!

Création Cosmétique Sur-Mesure: The art of embodying your beauty vision

Explore the art of personalized beauty with our
cosmetics laboratory
Carmel Cosmetics Labs, where each product tells a unique story. Our cosmetic shaping and customized cosmetic creation services offer much more than just a range of products. We invite you to plunge into a world where your vision takes shape, whether under a white label, private label or in bulk.

Elegance Simplified

Marque Blanche cosmetics

Offer a turnkey solution with our White Label service. Choose from a range of products ready for custom labeling. Add your logo, choose the right packaging, and launch your product line in the blink of an eye.

Personalized exclusivity

Private Label Cosmetics

For an exclusive cosmetic creation, opt for our Private Label service. Customize every detail, from formulations to fragrances, to create a cosmetics line that fully reflects your identity. Turn your ideas into a unique beauty experience.

Responding to important requests

Bulk Cosmetics

Respond to large-scale requests with our Bulk Cosmetics service. Choose bulk products, whether White Label or Private Label, without worrying about packaging or branding. Benefit from our production efficiency and the certified quality of our installations.

360° coverage of Cosmetics Confectioning services

Our cosmetic shaping services aim to provide our customers with a complete service that will enable your customized cosmetic brand to go from idea to reality without a hitch. Our aim is to help you improve your core business so that your customers are satisfied with your new personalized cosmetics.

Complete Management

Fully managed operations to help you save time for other activities.

Cost reduction

Save money in many areas of the cosmetics manufacturing process.

Happier Customers

Happier customers thanks to a better premium product experience.

Brand recognition

Better first impressions for better recognition of your cosmetics brand.


Certifications from our Cosmetics Laboratory


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