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We know it can be difficult to find the right cosmetic product to meet the needs of your cosmetics brand. That’s why Carmel Cosmetics Labs has built up a library of the most popular cosmetics products, as well as unique ones, to help companies large and small realize the cosmetics brands of their dreams.

Expert en Cosmetique Carmel Cosmetics Labs 02 Laboratoire cosmétique au Maroc et Fabricant des produits de beauté sur-mesure, Carmel Cosmetics Labs est votre laboratoire partenaire dédiés à créer des produits cosmétiques aux normes européennes en marque blanche et private label au Maroc et dans le Monde.

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Skin Care

Hair Care

Cosmetic oils

Add a touch of luxury to your cosmetics range with our exquisite oils. Carefully crafted by Carmel Cosmetics Labs, our cosmetic oils are elixirs of well-being that deeply revitalize and moisturize the skin. Offer your customers a unique sensory experience by including our oils in your collection, an invitation to skin perfection.

Cosmetic Serums

Explore new heights of skin care with our high-performance cosmetic serums. Each drop is a concentration of active ingredients carefully selected to specifically target the skin’s needs. Offer your customers an advanced solution by including our serums in your range, for radiant, balanced skin.

Creams & Lotions

Transform the daily skincare experience with our sumptuous creams and lotions. Carmel Cosmetics Labs offers a diverse range of formulations, from gentle lotions to creamy creams, to suit all skin types. Enrich your cosmetics offering by adding our creations, synonymous with comfort and effectiveness.


Offer your customers the ultimate skincare experience with our innovative cosmetic masks. Our expert formulas offer targeted solutions, from intense hydration to deep revitalization. Add our masks to your range to offer your customers moments of relaxation and visible results, for radiant, rejuvenated skin.


Elevate your daily skincare routine with our refined cleansers. Designed by Carmel Cosmetics Labs, our cleansers offer a delicate yet effective cleansing experience, removing impurities while respecting the skin’s natural balance. Incorporate our cleansers for fresh, radiant skin every day.


Dive into a cloud of refreshment with our light mists. Ideal for invigorating skin at any time of day, our Carmel Cosmetics Labs mists add a touch of luxury to your beauty ritual. Offer your customers the soothing, moisturizing experience of our mists for instant radiance.


Protect your skin while adding a touch of glamour with our suncare range. Suncare products from Carmel Cosmetics Labs offer effective protection against harmful rays while providing a lightweight feel and impeccable finish. Incorporate our suncare range for protected, radiant skin.

Lip Care

Enhance your customers’ smiles with our luxurious lip care products. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ nourishing and moisturizing formulations offer a unique sensory experience. Offer your customers irresistible lips by adding our lip care products to your range.

Eyelash and Brow Care

Give definition to your eyes with our eyelash and eyebrow treatments. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ specialized products nourish and beautify, creating healthy, natural-looking lashes and brows. Incorporate our treatments to enhance your customers’ eyes.


Offer your customers an at-home spa experience with our indulgent wraps. Carmel Cosmetics Labs wrap-around skincare products offer total relaxation, nourishing skin and mind. Add our wraps to your range for an incomparable well-being experience.

Treatment Products

Transform your customers’ skincare routine with our specialized treatment products. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ advanced formulations target the skin’s specific needs, delivering visible, long-lasting results. Incorporate our treatment products for radiant, balanced skin.

Body Care

Wrap your body in luxury with our indulgent body treatments. Carmel Cosmetics Labs body care products moisturize deeply, leaving skin silky soft. Offer your customers a total sensory experience by adding our body care products to your range.

Eye Care

Revive your customers’ eyes with our special eye care products. Designed to reduce signs of fatigue and revitalize the delicate eye area, Carmel Cosmetics Labs eye care products add a touch of freshness to your range.


Balance and refresh your customers’ skin with our refined toners. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ soothing formulas prepare the skin to absorb the benefits of the following treatments. Incorporate our toners for a feeling of purity and freshness with every use.


Transform your customers’ hair routine with our premium shampoos. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ nourishing formulas gently cleanse while conditioning hair. Add our shampoos to your range for healthy, shiny, irresistible hair.


Transform your customers’ hair routine with our premium shampoos. Carmel Cosmetics Labs’ nourishing formulas gently cleanse while conditioning hair. Add our shampoos to your range for healthy, shiny, irresistible hair.