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ISO 22716 cosmetics certification in Morocco: A complete guide

Certification cosmétiques ISO 22716

Cosmetics are more than just everyday consumer products. They embody the universal quest for well-being. Indeed, taking care of one’s appearance and hygiene has been a fundamental human preoccupation since the dawn of time. Thanks to its excellence, the French cosmetics industry ranks second among export sectors, surpassed only by aeronautics.

European regulations: Understanding the need for Cosmetics certification ISO 22716

Since 2013, the European cosmetics regulatory landscape has undergone a major overhaul, firmly steering the industry towards higher standards of safety and quality. The European cosmetics regulation (EC) N°1223/2009 is the fruit of this initiative, positioning the European Union as one of the pioneers in cosmetics regulation.

1. Roles and responsibilities: A clear definition of the responsibilities of each player

The regulations stipulate that each player in the process – from design to marketing – must have a clearly defined role. Whether manufacturer, importer or distributor, each is bound by precise standards. This development ensures that every stage of production and distribution is monitored, thus reducing risks for consumers.

2. Notification of new products: All new products must be notified via the European portal.

Before any new cosmetics are placed on the market, companies are required to register them on the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP). This essential step ensures optimum traceability and facilitates the work of health authorities by providing them with an overview of the products available on the market.

3. Safety assessment: The introduction of a detailed safety assessment for each product

Every cosmetic product must undergo a rigorous safety assessment before it can be marketed. This assessment takes into account all the ingredients, their concentrations, their interactions and the product’s intended uses. This is a crucial step in ensuring that products do not present health risks to consumers, whether used in accordance with instructions or under reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.

4. Substance management: Control of substances classified as CMR and nanomaterials

Substances classified as Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic to Reproduction (CMR) are strictly regulated. EC Regulation N°1223/2009 has also introduced enhanced management of nanomaterials, i.e. substances with one or more dimensions in the nanometer range (one billionth of a meter). Because of their specific properties, these substances are subject to detailed assessments to ensure their safety in cosmetic formulations.

Definition of a cosmetic product

The term “cosmetic product” may seem self-evident, but it is subject to very precise criteria. According to Regulation n°1223/2009, a cosmetic product is defined as a substance designed to come into contact with different parts of the body with the intention of cleaning, perfuming, protecting or improving its appearance. This description includes skin, hair, nails and even teeth. With this in mind, choosing the best cosmetics laboratory in Morocco is crucial to guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of these products.

Good Manufacturing Practices: The backbone of ISO 22716

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

are essential to guarantee the consistent quality of our cosmetics. They cover the production process, control, storage and shipping. These GMPs, essential for the European market, ensure compliance with regulations while guaranteeing consumer safety.

Focus on cosmetics certification: ISO 22716 standard

Replacing the 1976 European Directive, ISO 22716 is now the international benchmark for cosmetics manufacturing. It details GMP, ensuring product quality and safety for the consumer. This standard has been enforceable and mandatory since July 2013, reinforcing its relevance in the cosmetics industry.

GMP certification: why and how?

Opting for GMP certification is a rewarding process for cosmetics companies. It testifies to a commitment to quality and reassures consumers of product safety. Certification also facilitates internal organization, reduces costs, increases customer satisfaction, and reinforces the company’s international image.

The implementation of European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009 is a strong sign of the European cosmetics industry’s commitment to uncompromising safety and quality. For those considering creating a white label by collaborating with a trusted laboratory To comply with these standards is not only an obligation, but also an indication of excellence and integrity. ISO 22716 Cosmetics Certification sets out rigorous criteria that reflect these guidelines, offering a guarantee of excellence in cosmetics production. Choosing reputable, certified partners guarantees not only product safety, but also trust and recognition in the marketplace.

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