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Industrie des soins de la peau

The skincare industry: an entrepreneur’s paradise

Small business owners are always on the lookout for products that will help them take their business to the next level. An exclusive line of cosmetic branded products really helps a company stand out in the skincare industry. For owners of brick-and-mortar stores selling beauty products or cosmetics, an exclusive line of private-label products is […]

Industrie de la beauté

Beauty Industry – A Profitable Business

The beauty industry is an exciting, dynamic and innovative place to work in 2024. From aesthetics and skin care to hairdressing and barbering, jobs in the beauty sector are expanding rapidly as more and more people turn to creative professions. But a love of beauty and a talented eye are not enough to ensure a […]

Marketing d'influence - Laboratoire cosmétique

How to develop your brand through influencer marketing

By working with our cosmetics laboratory Carmel Cosmetics Labs, you’re already well on your way to developing your skincare business exponentially. Your customized range of quality skin care products will certainly give your brand a perceived value that is very difficult to achieve without exclusive merchandise. If you want to take your marketing game to […]

Marque Blanche 101

Marque Blanche 101: What you need to know

For beauty professionals, launching and selling a line of beauty products can be an effective way to exponentially increase your sales and grow your business. But for those of us who haven’t studied business, just knowing where to start can be confusing and overwhelming. How do you get started selling your own beauty products, especially […]

Emballage Produit Cosmétique - Laboratoire Cosmétique

How cosmetics packaging can boost your business

Cosmetics packaging is a crucial tool for marketing and selling products. In fact, most people buy a product based solely on its packaging. Extensive research reveals that packaging effectively enhances the appeal and visibility of a cosmetic product. It promotes brand awareness and makes the product easier to sell. Packaging is much more than just […]

Conseils Marketing Startups - Laboratoire Cosmétique

20 Marketing Tips for Cosmetics Startups

Today’s new start-ups face stiff competition from a host of “micro” entrepreneurs. In fact, according to Carmel Cosmetics Labs, marketing knowledge is the key to success for anyone who owns their own business, large or small. Almost every guru, author and expert on the subject of startups has a common theme when it comes to […]

How to Test the Quality of Your Cosmetic Products

How to Test the Quality of Your Cosmetic Products

Introduction In the world of cosmetics, ensuring the quality of your products is paramount. As consumers become more informed and discerning, the need for rigorous testing to guarantee safety and efficacy is more crucial than ever. Today, we’ll delve into the process of how to test the quality of your cosmetic products, guided by Reda, […]

fondatrice de byREDD Beauty - Laboratoire Cosmétique Maroc

How the founder of byREDD Beauty left a six-figure job to launch a skincare empire.

DaKira Taylor created her DTC skincare brand from scratch, and now strives to share her experience with other entrepreneurs through a wholesale business. In many ways, 27-year-old DaKira Taylor, who also goes by the name Redd, had already succeeded. After graduating in computer science, she built a six-figure career in technology consulting. But something was […]

The Kylie Effect: The power of offline experiences for online brands

A queue snakes out of sight down the wide aisles of Los Angeles’ Wakefield Mall. Hordes of people called in sick and skipped school to be the first to discover their favorite cosmetics brand in the flesh. Until that day in December, Kylie Cosmetics had never lived outside a website. Shopify would help Kylie Jenner […]

6 marketing psychology strategies to boost e-commerce sales

Anyone who sells high-demand or hot products for a living, whether online or offline, should know these six ways to use marketing psychology to boost sales. As the owner of an online store, you have to overcome a series of obstacles. First, you need to create your brand and launch a user-friendly website. Next, you […]