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Produit Cosmétique Visage - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Face Products

Produit Cosmétique Capillaire - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Hair Care Products

Produit Cosmétique pour le Corps - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Body Products

Produit Cosmétique pour les Lèvres - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Lip Care

Produit Cosmétique pour Hommes - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Products for Men

Produit Cosmétique de Niche - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Niche Products

Produit Cosmétique Intime - Laboratoire Cosmétique au Maroc

Intimate Products

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Talk to an expert

We ensure the coherence of your project and jointly validate each criterion of your specifications to guarantee the quality of your products.

Validate your Samples

Once your specifications have been validated, we'll send you samples. Test every aspect of the product before taking the next step.

Formulation & Manufacturing

From formula development to packaging choice, labeling and everything in between. Give us the green light every step of the way!

Packaging & Delivery

Take advantage of our flexible delivery service to receive your selection of cosmetics directly at the address of your choice.


Create a range of cosmetics according to the needs of your business sector

We offer a full range of white label and private label services and help brands grow with natural and organic cosmetics. Whether your business is an online store or a chain of stores, a SPA, a beauty salon, a pharmacy or a hospitality company, we’re sure you’ll find the best cosmetics solutions with us!